Thank you everyone who has been BEC ARMA Members Past and Present

BEC Membership:

The BEC board with input from the GNW Region Team have worked hard for several months to find solutions to keep our chapter running and provide the support and active educational resources in records and information management for our members on the Eastside.

I communicated in previous messages this year, the need to find chapter members to fill the required positions on our board. Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful in finding anyone to fill the needed positions and had to consider our options to best serve our membership.

After careful consideration, with the help of the GNW Region, it was decided that the best option for our membership is to merge with the Greater Seattle Chapter. The reasoning behind this decision was twofold. First was to consider where the bulk of our membership is located. After review of our membership list, Greater Seattle Chapter is the most logical choice due to the proximity for potential meetings and events. Our second consideration was to ensure our financial balance remained within the GNW Region to better help our local membership at large.

This is a very difficult moment for me as I have been a member of the board for 20+ years and sincerely wish you every success as you continue to expand your knowledge and experience in the Records and Information Management field. The merge process should be completed within the next month or two. Your membership will transfer to the Greater Seattle Chapter. However if you choose to register with another local chapter please contact ARMA International. You are also welcome to contact me or Alex Acevedo at with any questions in the interim.

Fran Blaylock -

BEC President